Joel enges

Chief Executive Officer 


Joel Enges grew up in a small town outside of Seattle, Washington. (He could tell you the name but you wouldn’t know it.) Growing up in a rural area, Joel spent a large amount of time developing independence and knowledge; he quickly leaned towards literature and small entrepreneurial ventures in the neighborhood. While he was in high school, Joel graduated from Peninsula College then enrolled at the University of Washington with a focus on British Literature. He travelled and dabbled in many ventures over the course of ten years which included opening a wine bar that specialized in boutique wine and published short “wild realism” stories. 

In 2010, Joel’s brother invited him to start in his company in Southern California, and he has never looked back!  A year later, Joel opened his own consulting firm and attributes his success to student mentality and hard work. Now, MTE  Consulting group is building momentum to create even more opportunities for success! Joel’s vision doesn’t stop there! He plans on becoming an Organizational Consultant by 2020 and full-time author.

Outside of building an organization, Joel enjoys being home with his wife, Maggie, and his fur babies, Rigby and Jasper.  He still considers himself a full-time nerd and reads constantly. 

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